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Starting a health and fitness programme itself is becoming a difficult task in the present fast paced life. Particularly with the journalists, who spent eight to ten hours during the day in their news bureaus or after spending the whole night in the desk. Many join a health club with great intentions and then windup unhappy and dissatisfied. But now more and more are becoming more health conscious and realise the need to stay fit. Realising this need, the Press Club launched a health club to help its members to stay fit. For a fitness programme to be a success, exercising has to be convenient or it won't become a realistic lifestyle change. We have set up the most suitable health club for the journalists where they can stretch their muscles, do aerobics and even go for massaging. All these facilities are being offered under the proper guidance of an expert trainer. The facilities offered here match the standards of any high tech gyms in the city. Not just meant for the members, the health club is open for the kith and kins of all the journalists working in the capital city. Perhaps, this will be the only Press Club in the state to have an exclusive health club. Over the years the health club has been utilised not just by the members but by their children too.

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